Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 1970


  1. Kent State, May 4, 1970 by John Haines

    Premonitory, her outstretched arms
    as she kneels in the spring sunlight,
    the cry on her lips that will not
    raise the boy lying dead before her.
    How often has that image returned,
    to fade and reappear, then fade again?
    In Rwanda, in Grozny, Oklahoma . . .
    Kabul, city of rubble and orphans.
    And now the Capitol streets are closing,
    an aroused militia at the gates –
    the fences scaled by a stray gunman
    for an enemy poised ever within.
    We are asleep in the blurred ink
    of our own newsprint, in the flicker
    of our nightline images; in the fraying
    voices of distracted candidates.
    How long before that prone form rises,
    to stand, confused and blinking
    on the sunlit campus field; then fall
    again in the blood we cannot see . .
    And that long-held cry of hers awakens,
    to be heard at last over the stutter
    of gunfire – in the grassy echo of a town,
    a street, a house no longer there?

  2. I would urge everyone to watch the PBS doc. (I know--but that's what it's on) "The Death of the 60's." What's extremely disturbing is how bullets were fired
    into a dormitory at Jackson State (where two students were killed).
    Unfortunately, things have gotten worse, but we must continue to exercise our right to free speech--even more, today.