Thursday, May 14, 2015

Didn't the Illinois Supreme Court Uphold the Pension Protection Clause Six Days Ago?

"Governor Rauner sticks to his pension approach despite questions about legality" (May 14).


"Senate President Cullerton offers new pension plan" (May 12).


“In its ruling [on May 8], the Supreme Court struck down not only the law but the core of that balance. Now our already dire pension problem will get that much worse and our options in striking that balance are limited. Our path forward from here is now much more difficult, and every direction will be more painful than the balance we struck in Senate Bill 1” (Representative Elaine Nekritz). 


Illinois politicians and their wealthy benefactors created the unfunded liabilities in the pension systems. Public employees have been the victims of their collusion. It's time for the wealthy elite to pay what they owe this state.

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