Friday, May 31, 2013

Session Update - General Assembly Adjourned until...

Because we are responsible, resolute and just; because we are a stronghold of amity, reason and compassion in a state driven by amoral envy, reckless insincerity and indifferent greed; because we are appalled by media’s hypocrisy and lies, by legislative incompetence and irresponsibility; because we are repulsed by any prejudicial diminishment of our rights and benefits that we have earned, we will have to fight again.

It will be up to us to defend our dignity and self-respect within a community of action, grounded by our indomitable spirit and our idealism. It is crucial that we will persist despite flagrant attacks on us and that we continue to protest against any violation of our constitutional rights.  We must not give up ever:

1) But we must begin to recruit every retired and active teacher and every other public employee;
2) We must enlist every friend and neighbor and unify our wills to oppose the next mockery of justice;

3) We must re-educate the misinformed public and challenge the unremitting and formidable struggle we have had with powerful interests of obscenely-wealthy individuals and their procured partisan politicians who are more concerned with their own power and interests than with the needs of middle-class Americans.

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