Friday, May 31, 2013

SB 1920, SB 1 and SB 2404 (from Fred Klonsky)

I received notice that there is a bill (SB 1920) that negatively impacts the pensions of Chicago teachers. The concern is that it may include a pension holiday for the city on pension payment obligations. I have been told by reliable sources that in talks between the city and representatives of the Chicago Teachers Union over how best to resolve pension cost issues of concern to both sides, the city walked away from the table. When calling your House and Senate representatives mention your opposition to SB 1920:  Failed in House: 39 YEAS 78 NAYS 1 PRESENT (May 31st) 

There is also concern with attempts to strong-arm the Senate into reconsidering SB 1 again today. Call and thank those who voted no and affirm your view that SB 1 is unconstitutional and a breach of contractual obligations to state employee pensions.

Third is SB 2404. Please call your House representative and tell him or her that in spite of what he or she may have heard, public employees oppose SB 2404.

And finally there is the cost shift. A bill was passed yesterday that shifted pension costs of public university and college employees to the schools. Some suspect this will lay the groundwork for a broader pension cost shift from the state to local school districts. When you call, tell them you oppose a pension cost shift.

--Fred Klonsky

Final Day. Final Calls.

[Make the Call. If you do not know the telephone numbers of your legislators, click here then click on "Members" for either Senate or House].

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