Thursday, May 30, 2013

Breaking your contract with the state is perhaps imminent

Many of us have said any pension reform is a violation of our constitutional rights and benefits, no matter what bill, or part of a bill, is brought forward. Call your state senators today (1-888-412-6570) or Click Here. Read 12 pragmatic reasons to reject pension reform. Click Here.

Illinois has a pension debt and revenue problem! Most legislators know this, and they also understand the concept of justice and what lawfulness demands: that people must keep their covenants with one another. No justice is accomplished when diminishing public employees' earned benefits and rights because of decades of legislators' irresponsibility, corruption and incompetence. Illinois public employees have earned their pension. Their pension is a constitutionally-guaranteed contract.

Stop Illinois pension reform. It is immoral and illegal. Consider signing Our Petition too. Over 6600 people have. Click Here. “Indifference is not an option” (Elie Wiesel).

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