Thursday, May 30, 2013

Senate Vote on SB 1

State of Illinois
98th General Assembly
Senate Vote

Senate Bill No. 1

May 30, 2013


Y Althoff, Y Radogno, Y Rezin, Y Biss, Y Harmon, Y Brady, Y Steans, Y Connelly Y Syverson, Y Murphy, Y Dillard, Y LaHood, Y Cullerton J., Y Landek, Y Oberweis, Y Stadelman*

N Forby, N Lightford, , N Barickman, N Frerichs, N Link, N Raoul, N Bertino-Tarrant, N Haine, N Luechtefeld, N Manar, N Righter, N Bivins, N Harris, N Martinez, N Rose, N Hastings, N McCann, N Sandoval, N Bush, N Holmes, N McCarter, N Silverstein, N Clayborne, N Hunter, N McConnaughay, N Collins, N Hutchinson, N McGuire, N Jacobs, N Morrison, N Sullivan, N Cullerton T., N Jones E., N Mulroe, N Cunningham, N Koehler, N Muñoz, N Trotter, N Delgado, N Kotowski, N Van Pelt, N Noland, NV Duffy

There are three separate bills that have passed the House that could appear in the Senate for a vote tomorrow: HB 1154 (a pensionable salary cap at the Social Security wage base or current salary, if higher), HB 1165 (a delay and diminishment of COLAs), and HB 1166 (an incremental increase in retirement age). The failed Senate Bill 1 was a combination of these three separate bills. Moreover, SB 2404 was passed by the Senate and is in the House for consideration. It's up to Madigan whether a House vote will occur. These bills diminish and impair public employees’ rights and benefits.

Stop Illinois pension reform. It is immoral and illegal. Consider signing Our Petition. Over 6600 people already have. Click Here. 

from Steve Stadelman:
*I accidently hit the wrong button. As soon as I realized I made a mistake, I went on the record and voiced my intent to vote against SB1. You can't change your vote once it's been made. I've already voted for the bill that was negotiated by unions and voted against a similar bill that was similar to SB1. So my past record has also shown who I've supported in this issue. 

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