Saturday, February 22, 2014

Illinois Politics or “Death by Hanging or Shotgun”: Your Choice

“This year the most important issue before the Illinois General Assembly is the need for additional revenue. The combination of an unconstitutional pension proposal that is sitting in the courts, a temporary income tax that is set to expire in December 2014 and continued mountain of unpaid bills could result in a significant reductions in education funding. We have been working to address the issue of funding through our efforts with the A Better Illinois Campaign (ABI). We have collected signatures and have had extensive conversations with legislators to encourage them to support the constitutional amendment in support of a graduated income tax.  The measure must be voted on by a 3/5 vote in both chambers of the General Assembly before May 4th…” (Jim Reed, IEA).

The IEA endorsed Kirk Dillard who currently supports SR 0383: A resolution that “Provides that the Illinois Constitution should NOT be amended to allow for graduated or progressive income taxation.”


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