Tuesday, August 30, 2016

“Philip Landrigan [an American epidemiologist, pediatrician and one of the world's leading advocates of children's health] has said, we are suffering a ‘silent pandemic’ of neurological problems because of our widespread use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals”—Jean-Marie Kauth

“…Whereas they may seem like unfortunate, rare accidents, I and my family suffered many of the same symptoms from reckless use of pesticides, as do countless Americans every year, even if they are not able to so definitely identify the source of their illnesses. [My daughter], Katherine, died as a result, and my son and I endure lasting health effects. Prosecution is appallingly rare compared to the damage caused. 

“...There is absolutely no debate left: we are constantly poisoning our children, not just in these rare instances where a dramatic effect is definitely linked to a certain exposure. We are causing higher rates of childhood cancer, autism, ADHD, lowered IQs, endocrine disruption, birth defects, diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune disease (PANNA 2013, Roberts & Carr 2012). When are we going to decide that the cost is too high, that companies making and using pesticides and other toxic chemicals should not be presumed innocent at the expense of the real innocents — our children”—Jean-Marie Kauth.

Please read Jean-Marie Kauth’s research and four personal accounts on how she and her family were poisoned by pesticides: Click Here.

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