Monday, March 16, 2015

America's Crusade against Its Public School Children by Frank Breslin

“A specter is haunting America - the privatization of its public schools, and Big Money has entered into an unholy alliance to aid and abet it. Multi-billionaire philanthropists, newspaper moguls, governors, legislators, private investors, hedge fund managers, testing and computer companies are making common cause to hasten the destruction of public schools

“This assault also targets the moral and social vision that inspired the creation of public schools - the belief in a free and inclusive democratic society that unites all of us in a common destiny as we struggle together toward a just society and a better life for ourselves and our children…

“The Gates, Broad, Walton, and Koch Foundations deserve special mention in unleashing Armageddon upon our public schools, all the while preening themselves hypocritically as angels of light. So intent are these Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in their class warfare against their own country that the sacrifice of millions of public-school children as collateral damage means nothing to them. 

“But in fairness it must also be said that the depredations they are visiting upon our public schools must be seen within the broader context of the universal misery and devastation they are raining down on America's economy, families, the environment, and even compromising our democracy itself! Their purchase of public officials, the institutions of government and the electoral process with Supreme Court connivance proceeds majestically forward as they silence criticism by lavishing billions in strategically targeted hush money…

“This is a new low for American Big Business in defiling even the hallowed precincts of schools, where children should be getting a real education, not sitting in telemarketer cubicles with Bill Gates' computers, as a return on his investment. This is a nightmare vision of education to come, hatched in the same brain that has already given us standardized testing and Common Core standards, a personal gold mine for him.
“If the vaunted noblesse oblige of multi-billionaire philanthropists were the genuine article, they would quietly pour forth their abundant largesse upon all the public schools of the nation, with no strings attached! Instead, they pit their pet charter schools against public-school children, who are made to suffer year after year from the loss of billions annually diverted from their schools to charters.

“The moral rot of unchecked influence peddling will continue unabated in this stealth war of charter secrecy against American children. For it is they who will be sacrificed upon the altar of this insatiable Charter School Moloch of Greed, which will glut its limitless appetite for money, power, and lasting control over children without any accountability. In the meantime, it's full steam ahead for these ‘new reformers’ with their hidden agenda for two kinds of education - one for the rulers and one for the ruled in a Standardized America... 

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