Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rahm Emanuel: Mayor One percent

“...[Rahm Emanuel] came into power after living in the city for less than a year with a campaign funded by powerful, wealthy people across the country. He has rewarded them with city contracts and privatization schemes even as he fired ordinary working folks like teachers and janitors by the thousands. He sues to curb pension benefits, while turning over those same pension funds to his friends and donors.  He stands before the national media, taking no questions, to celebrate investment by and for the richest among us (and, given his ties to New York, Washington and LA, not among us). The campaign contributions Mayor Emanuel accepts in a week are more than many of the city’s residents could earn in a lifetime.

“Take him at his word: Rahm is focused on making Chicago a city for the world. The rich, the multinational corporations, the conventions, the tourists, the investors. Lost in that drive is the goal of making Chicago a better place for Chicagoans. They are not part of the audience he is playing to, and neither am I” (Anthony Moser).

from Know Your Audience. Just who is Mayor Rahm Emanuel playing to?

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