Tuesday, June 30, 2020

"No American has ever failed this country worse than you" -Steve Schmidt

"It will come early: ‘Fox News is now projecting Joseph R. Biden is the President-Elect of the United States.’ The American people are going to throw you out of office. You will be repudiated and disgraced. You’ll leave nothing behind but the stench of epic failure.

“No American has ever failed this country worse than you. None. Your incompetence, ignorance, ineptitude, and old-fashioned stupidity have caused the economic collapse and made the U.S. the epicenter of coronavirus death and suffering.

“You have shattered American alliances and weakened our military. You are a disgrace. Your name will be a synonym for losing, failure, and weakness. Biden is crushing you, and you want to know why?

“It’s because he is a good man, and you are a bad one. He cares about the American people, and you do not. He is respected on the world stage, and you are laughed at like some type of grotesque and buffoonish clown. He is capable, and you are not.

“You attack because you are scared. Take a minute to look at the picture of Fred Trump on your desk. Do you think he would be surprised by your failures? He would not. He bailed you out over and over again. He bailed you out because you couldn’t cut it as anything other than a con man.

“There will be no monuments and no encomiums for you. The whole country has watched you fail. The whole country is watching your increasingly feeble state. The whole country is watching you lose. We will all watch you return to your golf clubs as the biggest loser the American presidency has ever produced” (Twitter, June 20, 2020 - Steve Schmidt: former Republican strategist). 

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