Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dear Trump Supporter (A Request)

Dear Trump Supporter:

I had a semblance of a discussion with some Trump supporters on Facebook yesterday. I would like to have a dialogue that avoids common fallacies with any Trump supporter, one that will not use the following misconstructions: Ad Hominem, Begging the Question, Causal Oversimplification, Tabloid Thinking, Faulty Analogy, Hasty Generalization, Non Sequitur, Concurrency, Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc, Cum Hoc Propter Hoc, Reductive Reasoning, Tautology, Wishful Thinking, Illicit Division, Illicit Composition, Prejudice, Racism, Ethno-morphism, Slogans, Contradictory Questions, Statistics, Selected Instances, Circular Reasoning, Slippery Slope, Straw Man, Rationalization, Quoting Out of Context, Popular Maxims, Bandwagon, Folksy Appeal, Inconsequential Argument, Appeal to Pity, Appeal to Flattery, Appeal to Ridicule, Appeal to Prestige, Appeal to Ignorance…  Thank you.

Here are a few rejoinders to me from yesterday:

“Glen ,I don't remember you running in this election, that President D.J.T. won ? If you think so highly of your uneducated babble, and feel you are so superior to D.J.T why are you not in the oval office as President ? Here's a ‘WAKE UP CALL,’JUST FOR YOU’,,,,You are an uneducated Idiot ,Seriously Lacking any common sense. Did the DNC do a Lobotomy on you as well ?”

WOW a Catholic and a liberal! What is your opinion on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church? I hear it's a real problem.”

“Glen, so you don't believe in name calling...what about riots and the destruction of other people's property? 100% of these lawless acts are committed by liberals. Control your people or are they too stupid to understand their acts are against the law. Why would anyone admit to being a liberal?” 

Glen let's be clear here You have no idea who I am ,how I think , or what I know about the POTUS .You on the other hand are very transparent ! What I will share with you is that I am unique , and one of a kind Like no other .I am not A Follower , and by any means do I belong to any cults ,Including Religion. This is a FACT ! Have fun chewing on this food for thought ,when you are trying desperately to Pysco Analize your next victim , which’ I CLEARLY AM NOT’ !! May you continue to seek guidance from our Heavenly father , But with an open and wide view ,and not the narrowlized view you currently have.God Bless .”

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  1. Please remember there are fundamentalists on all sides AND there are reasonable people on all sides. Sadly, the ability to respectfully disagree is disappearing - from ALL SIDES.