Tuesday, December 23, 2014

“Who said our retirements were going to be less stressful than our days in a classroom?” by Mary Richie

Dear Fellow Retirees,

"While it's almost Christmas Eve with "Good Will to Men" ringing in our ears, a friend of ours has proclaimed himself ‘watchdog’ or hate monger, depending on whom you talk to.

"Since I did not solicit enough votes, I was not selected as a delegate to the IEA-Retired convention.  I still support free speech.

"The truth is the WE ARE One coalition of union leaders were willing to compromise on what some of us considered our constitutional rights.

"As it turned out it appears as if the Illinois Constitution will be fully supported by our courts, and our cost of living raises (COLA) and other parts of out pensions will not be diminished.

"My colleagues and I argue that once we conceded to the legislators to diminish any part of our pensions, they could whittle away even more and more at succeeding legislative sessions, and there would be nothing we could do.

"Who said our retirements were going to be less stressful than our days in a classroom?

"A blessed Christmas to you and yours,"

Merry Richie


  1. As Ellen Schultz explained in her 2011 book, Retirement Heist, corporations have successfully used the giving of a voluntary "shared sacrifice" amount to "save" a pension fund and show good will on the part of employees erases old agreements and opens the door to total pillage for the corporate raiders who steal pensions for their personal profit. Schultz even warns that public funds will be next.
    You, Klonsky, Tucker, Brown and Dillen are being demonized by an old rah-rah who no longer has the ability to accept anything he feels challenges his unfounded beliefs.