Friday, December 19, 2014

“While there’s no call for a general strike in the U.S., THERE SHOULD BE, given the austerity budget that just passed Congress” —Carl Gibson

“On Monday, Dec. 15, all of Belgium was completely shut down from a nationwide general strike in protest of economic reforms that largely punish working people. The strike cancelled 600 flights for 50,000 passengers at the Brussels airport. High-speed trains to France, Netherlands, and the UK were all cancelled, buses didn’t run their routes, workers didn’t come to the office, and nobody went to school. While numbers aren’t yet available, Belgian workers certainly demonstrated that they are the ultimate deciders of whether or not the economy works for everyone or grinds to a halt. The U.S. should take a page from the Belgian playbook if we want to beat back the corporate assault on our livelihoods, homes and futures… 

While there’s no call for a general strike in the U.S., there should be, given the austerity budget that just passed Congress. The $1.1 trillion ‘cromnibus’ spending bill that will fund the federal government through next September includes a Christmas wish list for the banks and a stocking full of coal for those who need the most help. $300 million was diverted from Pell Grants to student loan debt collectors, making access to higher education even more of a pipe dream for low-income would-be college students. $300 million was cut from support housing programs that help ease chronic homelessness. Another $93 million was cut from the program that provides food assistance to low-income women, infants, and children. In the meantime, Congress spent $479 million on the F-35 jet, which not even the Pentagon wants, and used taxpayers as the cushion for the big banks whenever the $700 trillion derivatives bubble pops. But the crominbus is just the beginning.

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which has been negotiated in secret between government officials and over 600 corporate lobbyists for over a year, is likely to become a reality after the 114th Congress is sworn in this January, and possibly even before then. President Obama may try to fast-track the deal through Congress, meaning it will be put to an up-or-down vote without even a chance for discussion or debate of its contents. The reason the details of the TPP have been so closely guarded and why the process is being rushed is due to the horrific nature of the agreement, at least the parts that have been made available to the public. If the TPP were put into place, it would effectively make world governments subservient to multinational corporations…

from Banks, Multinationals and Governments Are Stealing Our Future. Here’s How We Win It Back by Carl Gibson


  1. “The 1,600-page omnibus bill included two unrelated concessions to financial interest groups: a tenfold increase in campaign limits for donations to political parties and candidates, and a reversal of the Dodd-Frank banking reforms that will allow public bailouts of banks taking risky derivatives bets.”

    The bill also diminished pensions for over 10 million public employees.

  2. From Joni Lindgren:

    The problem for us (who see the problem) is that there are still not enough people who are outraged over every single bill or law that is passed in the interests of corporations, the wealthy and Wall Street!

    US Congress is not working for us. Congress is getting away with THEFT and making sure corporations get their tax incentives, tax loopholes, tax inversions and obscene profits off-shore.

    There has NOT BEEN ONE bill or law passed in eight years that has been in favor of middle-class workers. One-fourth of all corporations do not pay any taxes at all. Corporate underpayments, their tax havens, tax incentives and loopholes siphon over $2 Trillion.

    Consider what all that money would do for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other programs for the average citizen. We have WAGE THEFT in our country too: employees are expected to work hours of overtime without compensation.

    We can count on politicians coming after more of our tax money and making more cuts to our pensions and healthcare. I urge everyone to check out this website... PopularResistance.Org


  3. Through the social media and speaking to teachers (retired, ready to retire or actively teaching), it is hard to find anyone upset. It is more, "What can we do about?" Either people don't answer me or they get irritated.