Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fred Klonsky for IEA Delegate

If you are an IEA Retired member or know somebody who is and support Fred Klonsky’s views and activism, here is what you can do to help:

1. Pay attention to the timeline. Ballots will be mailed March 19th. They must be mailed back and received by April 23rd.  If you have not received your ballot by April 4, a replacement ballot may be requested by completing and returning the form found at: (If you have moved out of state and are a member, you should still receive a ballot).

2. Copy this post and email it to your fellow IEA Retired members.

3. Send this information via e-mail to your friends; post it on Facebook and other social media.

VOTE for Fred Klonsky. He is Number 19 on the ballot.

Note: Just being retired, or a member of another retired teacher organization, does not entitle you to vote for an IEA Retired delegate. You must join IEA Retired. (It is too late to join and be able to vote in this election if you are not a member). It is not too late, however, for you to help Fred Klonsky get elected.

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