Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Act to Abolish the Charter Commission

"Your grassroots’ action (and leadership from State Representative Chapa LaVia) have helped propel some important legislation through the House Secondary and Elementary Education Committee and onto the house floor yesterday.

"On March 20th, HB 3754, a bill that would dissolve the ALEC-created Illinois State Charter School Commission passed the House by a vote of (78-33) – click to see how your lawmaker voted.

"Today, March 25th, this bill will be heard in the Illinois Senate Education Committee. Once again, we are asking activists to tell members of the Senate Education Committee that they support the senate version of this bill, SB2627, by filling out a witness slip. 

"Please add your name as a 'Proponent' for SB 2627 and click here

"Where it asks you to select a 'Testimony' type, choose 'Record of Appearance Only.'

"Telling your friends about this form of on-line activism and getting more people to support this tool for direct democracy seems to be working. Yesterday, over 140 people filled out witness slips supporting HB 6005, the Charter School Accountability Act.  

"The bill passed out of the education committee in the house by a vote of 8-3. Your internet activism is working! Thanks so much for being part of this important change!"

John Laesch

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