Tuesday, November 19, 2013

According to the We Are One Illinois Coalition: "Politicians are expected to return to Springfield on Dec. 3rd to vote on an extreme pension scheme"

It appears this could be the date for an actual vote.

 As we’ve told you before, this plan will blend unfair, unconstitutional elements from old, failed bills – such as cutting COLAs by one-third or more, hiking retirement ages, undermining pensions by expanding 401(k)’s, and other devastating pension cuts. With this being the legislative leaders’ plan, it will be very hard to stop, even if past attempts have failed.

It’s also likely that the leaders will unveil the legislation quickly and try to jam it through the House and the Senate without enough time for open hearings or public review. 

That’s why we’re ramping up our advocacy efforts and declaring Dec. 2 as “Pension Emergency Day.” We will be setting up a series of actions at legislators’ district offices to let them know we need their help in opposing the leaders’ extreme proposal. 

In the near future, We Are One and the IEA will be providing more details regarding the activities for Pension Emergency Day. For the moment, be sure to e-mail your lawmakers right now and tell them you oppose the leaders’ extreme pension scheme by clicking here.
Lastly, be ready to call your state representative and your state senator on our call-action Nov. 25-26 and Dec. 2-3. Our hotline is 888-412-6570, or click here to call.

This threat to retirement security is very real, but together we have defied the odds before and defeated harmful pension legislation. To get the best results again, lawmakers have to hear from you as a constituent and voter.

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