Monday, November 25, 2013

IRTA Legal Defense Fund

Greetings from the Illinois Retired Teachers Association.  [Some members of the General Assembly] want to solve the state's budget woes with your money, and they blame you. They offered you a coerced choice to give up your COLA for access to an unguaranteed health insurance plan.

We must prepare for the possibility that one of these attacks may succeed. For that reason, IRTA has launched the IRTA Legal Defense Fund. Please watch the following video for an explanation and then forward it to your contacts and members. We must reach ALL members to build a large legal defense fund.

Click to watch the YouTube video for Legal Defense Fund Explanation - Click Here

This is the address for sending donations to the Legal Defense Fund:

620 N. Walnut St.
Springfield, IL 62702

Please make your check payable to IRTA and write "Legal Defense Fund" on the check memo line.


Go to the IRTA website and Click on Donate online at defense

Thank you.

[You do not have to be retired or a member of IRTA to donate; however, one day you will be retired]!

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