Friday, November 15, 2013

Exorcism in Springfield

“The head of Springfield’s Roman Catholic diocese said Thursday he will preside over a prayer service of ‘supplication and exorcism’ next Wednesday to counteract Gov. Pat Quinn’s enactment that day of same-sex marriage in Illinois.

“Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, leader of the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, said marriage between gays and lesbians is a union that ‘comes from the devil and should be condemned as such.’ Paprocki also blasted Catholic politicians who pushed for passage of the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act and, in an indirect jab at House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, ridiculed some of Illinois’ leaders for ‘twisting the words of the pope’…

“‘All politicians now have the moral obligation to work for the repeal of this sinful and objectionable legislation. We must pray for deliverance from this evil which has penetrated our state and our church…’” (Springfield Catholic bishop plans same-sex marriage ‘exorcism,’ blasts Illinois pols for ‘twisting the words of the pope’).

Bishop Paprocki:

So-called “pension reform” is immoral and illegal, not the inviolability of marriage vows between any two people in love.

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