Saturday, November 23, 2013

We are angry

Todd Mertz sent this message to members of the Illinois General Assembly today:

We are active and retired teachers and state employees.

There are a lot of us.

Fact:  Angry constituents are more likely to vote. 
Fact:  Elderly people are more likely to vote. 

We have a lot of friends. 
We have a lot of family. 
We have a lot of neighbors. 
We have a lot of colleagues. 
We know a lot of people in the community. 

THEY ARE ON OUR SIDE.  They have told us that THEY WILL VOTE WITH US to protect our pensions. 

We are good with social media and social networking.  We will use it to our advantage.

We have made it our number ONE goal to work as hard as we can to vote our legislators out of office who vote for pension "reform" without union agreement.  We will work hard at it every day.  Every day.

We will NEVER forget those who vote against us.

There are too many solutions to solve the unfunded liability:  Speculation tax (financial tax at CBOT), progressive tax, gaming, close corporate tax loopholes, stop giving companies like ADM, Sears, Motorola, Office Max, CME Group, etc. tax breaks, restructure the debt, etc.

The normal cost of the state pension system is only $800 million, a fraction of the annual budget. 

IL does not have a benefits problem.  It has a revenue problem. 

We are watching closely.

When you are driving to Springfield in just over a week, I want you to think about us. 
Our family. 
Our friends.
Our colleagues. 
Our neighbors. 

We'll be thinking about you.

How will you vote?

--Todd Mertz and Countless Others

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  1. We are in every neighborhood, every community. We belong to every organization including the League of Women Voters. We research. We write. We vote.