Tuesday, November 4, 2014

“To [Vote] or Not to [Vote]…”

Climate Change:

“…Cynical political abandonment allows the wrong people to control our government and decide whether climate mitigation is a national priority, or a "liberal conspiracy."

The Koch Brothers:

“…Voting overwhelmingly for candidates who are not funded by the Kochs will knock back these arrogant oligarch's attempt to simply buy our country and our future.

Right-Wing Fascist Take-Over:

“Whether you ‘believe’ in voting or not, the fascists will take over if we don't stop them at the ballot box. 

Democrats in Name Only (DINOs):

“…We can effectively challenge DINOs in the 2016 primaries when we support populist and progressive candidates rising up from the grassroots and essentially Occupying the Democrats. They need  us to help in their campaigns and to show up at the ballot box. Here are some resources to find and support better candidates:  DemocracyforAmerica.com. Progressive Democrats of America… Or vote for Green Party and Progressive Party candidates wherever they exist, especially if they are opposed to a DINO.

The Internet - Free and Fair or Co-Opted and Controlled:

“…We still have time to help prevent this by promoting and voting for candidates who support Net Neutrality.

Civil Rights, Electronic Privacy, NSA and the Dystopian Nightmare Future:

“…Issues that affect our most personal, intimate lives often get decided in public referendums or ballot initiatives.

Gay Rights, Marijuana Legalization, GMO Labeling:

“…If we stay home, we often lose by tragically narrow margins.


“...War should have no place in our future. This is our choice.

Corporatocracy and Corruption vs. Democracy and Transparency:

“…How, in poetic essence, are they going to pull the stake from the heart of democracy driven in by the Citizens United Supreme Court decision; by ‘corporate personhood,’ by the shameful lack of support for public campaign financing; by unjust electoral rules, and by corporate lobbyists outright buying our representatives?

The Banksters, Corporate Welfare, Emergency Management and TRILLIONS in Looted Cash and Public Assets:

“…The next phase in this orgy of deception and national looting is ‘Corporate Emergency Management’ as seen in Detroit, where cities (usually minority) have their democratic government suspended and are forced into bankruptcy so their assets - including pensions - can be siphoned off to private interests…’

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