Sunday, November 9, 2014

IEA-Retired members will be receiving a mail-in ballot soon

Five IEA-Retired Candidates to Consider:
Fred Klonsky, Jack Tucker, Mary Richie, John Dillon, and Glen Brown

We are running as candidates to represent the IEA Retired at the 2015 IEA Representative Assembly. We share the following beliefs. (This is not a criticism of others who are running as delegates. We strongly believe in a diversity of views). 

1. We believe in defending our contractual and constitutional pension benefits and rights without apologies, concessions or compromise.
2. We believe the IEA leadership needs to improve communication with its membership.
3. We believe the IEA leadership should be more transparent in its decision-making process.
4. We believe retirees should have a stronger voice (more representation) in the decision-making process of the Association.
5. We believe our Association should take a more significant and active role in defending our schools, our members, and our students from corporate school reform schemes such as charter schools, vouchers, Common Core, Race to the Top and teacher evaluations based on student test scores.

Thank you.

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