Wednesday, October 2, 2013

U.K. TEACHERS STRIKE OVER PAY AND PENSIONS; meanwhile, teachers in Illinois are waiting passively for…

"Thousands of schools were closed as members of the two biggest teaching unions took strike action in a row over pay, pensions and workloads. The walkout affected schools in 49 authorities in the east of England, the Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber. It is part of a continuing campaign of rolling regional strikes involving members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT). 

"The government said the strike would disrupt learning, inconvenience parents and damage the reputation of teachers. At least 2,500 schools were closed or partially closed. The strikers are angry about changes to their pensions, increased workloads and government plans to bring in performance-related pay. 

Relentless attacks  

"NUT general secretary Christine Blower said teachers could not 'stand by and watch our profession be systematically attacked and undermined.' The NASUWT's John Allison explains why he is striking. She declared the action a 'huge success' and added: 'There can be no doubt left about the feeling of anger towards this government's treatment of the teaching profession. Strike action is never a step that teachers take lightly and we are very aware and concerned about the inconvenience it causes parents. Unfortunately, we are faced with a coalition government that is refusing to listen to the reasonable demands of the profession.' Teachers gathered for a series of marches and rallies in support of the strike…"

from Teachers strike over pay and pensions


  1. Schools are being ruined with excessive testing. There's no teacher autonomy, learning has become scripted, teachers cannot control test scores when there are variables, like hunger, which affect learning, there are not enough teachers or enough time for them to teach, and schools are under funded; but there's always plenty of money for testing. All the government can say is that parents are being inconvenienced and it's disrupting learning? Greedy government and their corporate privateer cohorts are what's disrupting learning and inconveniencing parents. I'm so sick and tired of teachers being under valued, over worked and under paid. Everyone wants something for nothing. Teachers wear a hundred different hats from nurse to substitute parent. They teach, they hug, they coach, they inspire and open minds and they're expected to do it without a descent wage. They even reach into their own pockets to pay for much needed supplies or forgotten lunches. Teachers invest a lifetime on the futures of other people's children and I don't see many draped in diamonds and furs. Next, I suppose the government is going to start paying surgeons based on whether or not their patients live? Support our teachers and a thump on the head to invasive greedy government.