Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Congratulatory Illinois Retired Teachers Association Resolution to Pension Bloggers

The 35,000 member Illinois Retired Teachers Association meeting in Springfield took special note of the role that pension and education bloggers play in the fight for pension rights by issuing a congratulatory resolution naming Fred Klonsky, Glen Brown, and others “unnamed” who provide constant pension information:

"WHEREAS, the Illinois Retired Teachers Association has urged its members and friends to share information about protecting teacher pensions, and;

"WHEREAS, several individuals have authored emails and blogs to disseminate that information on a regular basis and;

"WHEREAS, these authors have provided additional research and analysis, and;

"WHEREAS, these authors have with integrity defended the pension rights in the Illinois Constitution, therefore;

"IRTA applauds their contributions and offers heartfelt appreciation to Glen Brown, Fred Klonsky, and others unnamed."

Among others honored with congratulatory resolutions by the IRTA were Cynthia O’Neill and Bob Lyons for their work on the behalf of retirees on the Teacher Retirement System's Board of Trustees.

We are all surprised and honored.

Other names to be acknowledged:

John Dillon, Ken Previti, Robert Zahniser, Gary Elmen, Joni Lindgren, Dave Madsen, Patricia Herrmann, Marge Sucansky, Todd Mertz, Jack Tucker, Chaya Rubenstein, Richard Palzer, Roberta Rebb, Mary Richie, Merle Taber, Mark Doyle, Cris Crisafulli, Jane Artabasy, Janis Arciniegas, Suzette Gacek, Richard Sasso, Sig Lisowski, Al Popowits, Ray Hardtke, Addison Woodward, Rich Cicciu, Doug Whitesell, Catherine Lenzini, Paul Vorwick, Michael Cousineau, John Laesch, Jeff Blei, Joe Purpura, Raymond Kutchek, Tim Furman…

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