Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Victimize the Victims Once Again: SB 0035 and SB 0001

Dear legislator:
Let’s imagine that you haven’t paid some of your bills for a very long time, perhaps your mortgage or rent, your taxes, your health and home insurance policies, your credit card and utility bills… Here's a plan to avoid paying your debts forever:

Go to your bank, your county collector’s office, and the various companies to whom you are indebted and request that they pay what you owe. That’s right! It’s that simple; besides, you can call this surreal Orwellian world of yours the New Reality for Sucker Sacrifice.

But this is, indeed, the real world where another absurdity exists and where Illinois legislators have often said, “We have to do something,” even if it means taking aim at the contractual obligations that policymakers have with the state’s public employees.

It is especially bizarre now since the same rating agencies that failed to forestall mortgage foreclosure fraud and the economic meltdown a few years ago are now focusing on Illinois scamming, and the state’s corporatists want to impose even harsher penalties on public employees.

Of course, if there is enough money to be made and passed around the business community, you can expect some of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago’s membership, who practice law at Sidley Austin LLP, will provide plentiful legal assistance for you (perhaps pro bono), and Laurence Msall, president of the Civic Federation, and John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute will also help you put the Squeeze on public employees and challenge the constitutionality of your contract with them.

So go ahead and victimize the public employees once again through legislative incompetence, irresponsibility and theft. Join the bandwagon of liars and thieves that include Michael Madigan, John Cullerton, Elaine Nekritz, Daniel Biss, Andre Thapedi, Dwight Kay, Kyle McCarter, Thomas Morrison, Jeanne Ives, Tom Cross, Darlene Senger, Joe Sosnowski and others.

Go ahead and rewrite laws or policies in your favor, transfer the state’s constricting debts to the victims of your previous legislative confidence games, and challenge the contractual guarantees of the State and U.S. Constitutions; you will be following the deep, extended and corrupt tradition of Illinois politics and underwriting the voracious greed of the state’s so-called “business leaders” who are the vulture-capitalists quoted in the news. 

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  1. Please remember the Illinois governors who have been humiliated, arrested, tried, convicted and jailed.
    Do you as a legislator truly believe that your buddies won't let that happen to you?
    Many of us are willing to spend time and money going after the legislators we consider low-lying fruit.
    We are also willing to run a contest for determining your prison nickname - a contest with prizes.