Thursday, March 21, 2013

House of Representatives Passes HB 1165

from IEA

The House on Thursday afternoon passed HB1165 which is commonly known as the Nekritz-Biss (Cross) plan.

This plan, which passed 66-50, cuts the 3-percent automatic compounded Cost-of-Living Adjustments on annuities of more than $25,000. It would apply to active and retired participants in all the pension systems except for judges.

The House has previously voted to cap pensionable salaries at $113,700, or the rate of Social Security, and to increase the retirement age by five years for those 35 and younger, increase it by three years for those ages 35-39 and one year for those ages 40-45. There is no change for those 46 and older.

House Speaker Michael Madigan noted at the end of the debate on HB1165 that it’s likely all these changes will be lumped into one omnibus bill and sent to the Senate.

PASSED March 21, 2013

Y Acevedo, Y Durkin, N Lang, Y Roth, Y Arroyo, N Evans, Y Leitch, Y Sacia, N Beiser, Y Farnham, N Lilly, Y Sandack, Y Bellock, Y Feigenholtz, Y Manley, N Scherer, Y Berrios, N Fine, Y Martwick, Y Schmitz, N Bost, Y Flowers, N Mautino, Y Senger, Y Bradley, N Ford, N Mayfield, Y Sente, N Brady, N Fortner, Y McAsey, N Sims, N Brauer, Y Franks, N McAuliffe, N Smiddy, N Brown, Y Gabel, Y McSweeney, N Smith, Y Burke Daniel, NV Golar, N Meier, N Sommer, Y Burke Kelly, Y Gordon-Booth, Y Mell, Y Sosnowski, N Cabello, Y Halbrook, N Mitchell Bill, Y Soto, N Cassidy, N Hammond, Y Mitchell Christian, Y Sullivan, N Cavaletto, N Harms, N Moffitt, Y Tabares, E Chapa LaVia, Y Harris David, Y Morrison, N Thapedi, Y Cloonen, Y Harris Greg, Y Moylan, Y Tracy, Y Conroy, Y Hatcher, Y Mussman, N Tryon, N Costello, N Hays, Y Nekritz, N Turner, Y Crespo, Y Hernandez Y Osmond N Unes Y Cross N Hoffman N Phelps N Verschoore Y Currie Y Hurley Y Pihos, Y Walsh, Y D'Amico, Y Ives, N Poe, N Welch, N Davidsmeyer, N Jackson, Y Pritchard, Y Wheeler, Y Davis Monique, N Jakobsson, N Reboletti, N Williams, Y Davis William, Y Jefferson, N Reis, Y Willis, N DeLuca, Y Jones, N Riley, Y Yingling, Y Demmer, Y Kay, N Rita, Y Zalewski, N Drury, Y Kifowit, N Rosenthal, Y Mr. Speaker, N Dunkin, Y Kosel
E - Denotes Excused Absence

Madigan is methodically passing parts of HB 6258.


  1. "It would apply to active and retired participants in all the pension systems except for judges." Well if this isn't a dire attempt to f%#k teachers and the rest I don't know what is.

  2. A beacon of governmental oversight shines forth from Springfield. A role model for our youth. As a 35-year business/accounting instructor I stand in awe of the principals that are being modeled by the GA. Young future Illinois professionals, there is no need to honor your obligations. Hell, you don't even have to fulfill your contracts. I was a naive fool to have told you otherwise. Go ahead. Spend like there is no tomorrow, borrow with abandon, and then bribe the judges and vilify your creditors. Claim that they are unworthy of payment. Proclaim yourself to be a savior, the champion of your constituents, a hero. Stand on the shredded rule of law, the tattered remains of ethical business practice, and bask in the glory of having gotten away with it all.

  3. What exactly did the legislature do in the past when they needed money? Why they used what was supposed to go in the pension funds. What have they done to improve revenue ? Fix the archaic tax code? No. Correct the pension ramp? No. Cut tax breaks for big business? No. So instead of trying to improve financial errors, they decide to cut funding to pensions since they can't use it as a piggy bank anymore.
    Obviously, they have no respect for us or the Constitution.
    I cannot collect social security on my earnings nor as a widow due to GPO and WEP legislation. Another way our legislators let us down in the past.
    Our pensions are our source of retirement income. Our pensions are a Promise. The constitution states they are not to be diminished or impaired. Looks like we might be going to court. I know who not to vote for next election.