Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Illinois Legislators to Thank for Upholding the State and U.S. Constitutions

These 16 Senators did NOT vote yes on SB 1 and SB 35:

Jason Barickman (R) (217-782-6597, Bloomington: 309-661-2788)
Tim Bivins (R) (217-782-0180, Dixon: 815-284-0045)
James Clayborne (D) (217-782-5399, East St. Louis: 618-875-1212)
William Delgado (D) (217-782-5652, Chicago: 773-292-0202)

Gary Forby (D) (217-782-5509, Benton: 618-439-2504)
Michael Frerichs (D) (217-782-2507, Champaign: 217-355-5252)

Linda Holmes (D) (217-782-0422, Aurora: 630-801-8985)
Kimberly Lightford (D) (217-782-8505)
David Luechtefeld (R) (217-782-8137, Okawville: 618-243-9014)
Andy Manar (D) (217-782-0228, Staunton: 618-635-2583)
Wm. Sam McCann (R) (217-782-8206, Jacksonville: 217-245-0050)
Kyle McCarter (R) (217-782-5755, Vandalia: 618-283-3000)
Dale Righter (R) (217-782-6674, Mattoon: 217-235-6033)
Chapin Rose (R) (217-558-1006, Champaign: 217-607-1853)

Martin Sandoval (D) (217-782-5304, Cicero: 708-656-2002)

John Sullivan (D) (217-782-2479, Quincy: 217-222-2295)

These 15 Representatives did NOT vote yes on 1154 (to cap current teachers’ pensionable salary), 1165 (to freeze and reduce the COLA for current teachers and retirees), and 1166 (to raise the current teachers’ retirement age). Apparently, there are only five democrats who are not controlled by Michael Madigan:

Mike Bost (R) (217-782-0387, Carbondale: 618-457-5787)
Dan Brady (R) (217-782-1118, Normal: 309-662-1100)
Rich Brauer (R) (217-782-0053, Springfield)
Adam Brown (R) (217-782-8398, Champaign: 217-607-5104)

Jerry Costello (D) (217-782-1018, Red Bud: 618-282-7284)

Norine Hammond (R) (217-782-0416, Macomb: 309-836-2707)

Chad Hays (R) (217-782-4811, Danville: 217-477-0104)
Naomi Jakobsson (D) (217-558-1009, Champaign: 217-373-5000)
Bill Mitchell (R) (217-782-8163, Decatur: 217-876-1968)

Donald Moffitt (R) (217-782-8032, Galesburg: 309-343-8000)

Brandon Phelps (D) (217-782-5131, Harrisburg: 618-253-4189)
Raymond Poe (R) (217-782-0044, Springfield)

Wayne Rosenthal (R) (217-782-8071, Litchfield: 217-324-5200)

Sue Scherer (D) (217-524-0353, Decatur: 217-877-9636)

Mike Smiddy (D) 217-782-3992, Port Byron: 309-848-9098)

How Illinois Senators Voted on SB 1 (Passed the Senate 3/20: only affects current TRS participants and no other systems or TRS retirees; includes choice system between health care and Cost of Living Adjustments).
How Illinois Senators Voted on SB 35 (Failed in Senate 3/20: changes retirement age and only applies COLA to first $25k of pensionable salary (Nekritz/Biss bill).

How Illinois Representatives Voted on HB 1154 (Passed the House 3/14: caps pensionable salary at Social Security Index ($113,700 in 2013).
How Illinois Representatives Voted on HB 1166 (Passed the House 3/14: raises retirement age for pension system participants under the age of 45).

How Illinois Representatives Voted on HB 1165 (Passed the House 3/21: freezes COLA until five years after retirement or age 67. After reaching a pensionable salary, a flat annual increase of $750 would be granted to annuitants; affects both current teachers and retirees).


  1. Thank the lord for the legislators who have a conscience and defend the constitution.

  2. More important to me is who voted for these issues because they will not receive my vote in the next election and I plan to let them know that now!