Friday, March 1, 2013

Grandstanding or Idiocy or Both?

Who voted to raise the teachers’ retirement age to 67? Michael Madigan.

Who voted to raise the teachers’ contribution rate 5%? Michael Madigan, Elaine Nekritz and Charles Jefferson.
Who voted to eliminate the COLA for everyone? Michael Madigan, Elaine Nekritz, Charles Jefferson, Frances Ann Hurley and Michael Zalewski.

Representative Michael J. Madigan (D)
22nd District, Speaker of the House
Springfield Office: 217-782-5350; District Office: 708-581-8000

Representative Elaine Nekritz (D)
57th District, Assistant Majority Leader
Springfield Office: 217-558-1004; District Office: 847-229-5499
Representative Charles E. Jefferson (D)
67th District, Assistant Majority Leader
Springfield Office: 217-782-3167; District Office: 815-987-7433

Representative Michael J. Zalewski (D)
23rd District
Springfield Office: 217-782-5280; District Office: 708-442-6500

Representative Frances Ann Hurley (D)
35th District
Springfield Office: 217-782-8200; District Office: 773-445-8128

“If anybody else's proposal had been shot down in the House 66-1, with only the sponsor voting for it and all Republicans taking a pass because it was so 'out there,' the ridicule would have been piled high on whomever came up with that silly idea. And if that same sponsor saw all of his other proposals die a similar fate on the same day, with one getting just two votes, another getting three and another getting five, well, the sponsor would have probably been considered a rank amateur.

“But that's exactly what happened yesterday to House Speaker Michael Madigan, the supposed master of three-dimensional political chess. He ran four pension reform amendments that were so radioactively harsh nobody wanted to go near them. Instead of prompting a debate, few rose to speak. Instead of putting the Republicans on the spot, they refused to cast any votes at all. Instead of getting members to think about the awesome problem, he gave them an easy out on a cartoonish charade…” –from Capitol Fax

Illinois has a pension debt and revenue problem. Most legislators know this, and they also understand the concept of justice and what lawfulness demands: that people must keep their covenants with one another. No justice is accomplished when diminishing public employees' earned benefits and rights because of decades of legislators' irresponsibility, corruption and incompetence. Stop Illinois pension reform. It is immoral and illegal.

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  1. One of the reasons that a rattle snake shakes its rattle is to draw attention to it while it strikes at you with its fangs.
    Madigan IS a reptile.