Wednesday, June 22, 2016

“To celebrate Katherine’s memory, please do something to remedy this grave injustice” by Jean-Marie Kauth

“Katherine died fourteen years ago today… She mourned all she could not do on a beautiful June day and all she would never do again. She lamented all the years of life she would miss, which she would have enjoyed to the fullest, as she always did. She told me she loved me, in an ardent and anguished tone I will never forget. She had me record her last words to her brother and everyone else she loved. I suppose I hope to impress on you all that although deaths from childhood cancer rarely make headlines, although they seem somehow silent and inevitable, they are both horribly violent and completely avoidable. 

“Every day we do not rein in the chemical industry’s business as usual, we are complicit in many more such deaths. And all the corporate profits and perfect lawns in the world cannot be worth my one darling Katherine… To celebrate Katherine’s memory, please do something to remedy this grave injustice: read more about the Lautenberg Act on the EDF website, work to eliminate pesticides and other chemicals, and, most important, vote the environment so that we can pass more such life-saving legislation.” 

For the complete story by Jean-Marie Kauth, please click here.

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