Sunday, May 22, 2016

For College Adjuncts


New Faculty Majority Mission Statement:


NFM is dedicated to improving the quality of higher education by advancing professional equity and securing academic freedom for all adjunct and contingent faculty. For this purpose, NFM engages in education and advocacy to provide economic justice and academic equity for all college faculty. NFM is committed to creating stable, equitable, sustainable, non-exploitative academic environments that promote more effective teaching, learning, and research. NFM is part of the broader movement for human and worker rights.



NFM’s mission is shaped by the principles embodied in the following documents:

New Faculty Majority Goals:

  1. Compensation: Equity in Compensation: Equal Pay for Equal Work
  2. Job Security: Equity in Job Security: Automatic Contract Renewals after Probationary Period
  3. Academic Freedom: Equity in Academic Freedom: Freedom from Retaliation in All Teaching and Research
  4. Faculty Governance: Equity in Faculty Governance – Right to Participate Equally for All Faculty Members
  5. Professional Advancement: Equity in Professional Advancement: Progressive Salary Steps and Equal Access to Professional Development Opportunities for All Faculty
  6. Benefits: Equity in Benefits: Access to the Same Health Insurance & Retirement Benefits for All
  7. Unemployment Insurance: Equity in Unemployment Insurance: Access to the Same Benefits as Other Seasonal Employees

New Faculty Majority: Website.

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