Sunday, August 30, 2015

“Rauner was making money off the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund even as he went on Chicago Tonight to bash the union's pension benefits” – Ben Joravsky

“For better and for worse, Governor Bruce Rauner has never made a secret of his deep contempt­—bordering on hatred—for the Chicago Teachers Union. One of the first times I caught his union-bashing act was almost three years ago, when he went on Channel 11's Chicago Tonight to blast CTU for, among other things, ‘routinely bribing our politicians with their union dues to get themselves outrageously generous pensions.’

“Within a few months of appearing on that show, Rauner was officially running for governor on an antiunion platform. Since taking office, he's refused to cut a budget deal with Democrats unless they concede to his demand to gut collective bargaining rights throughout the state. 

“So imagine my surprise when I got a call from a source I'll call Cockburn—because he doesn't want to be identified—informing me that Rauner's old private equity firm was a paid consultant to the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund. No way, I said—no politician can be that hypocritical. I was wrong. Just when I think the bar on political hypocrisy can get no lower, along comes someone to prove otherwise. Here's what I learned…” 

For the complete article, As he attacks teacher pensions, Rauner also makes money from them by Ben Joravsky, click here. 

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