Friday, February 13, 2015

From Jean-Marie Kauth’s Blog: Poisoning Our Children

Katherine's 21st Birthday:

“…I don’t know what my beloved daughter wished for that day, blowing out the candles on her heart-shaped cake; we were a little superstitious about asking.  What I do know is that because of reckless pesticide use in our city mosquito spraying program, as well as countless other chemical exposures, none of her dreams came true; none of her wishes were fulfilled.  She wanted to finish learning cursive; she wanted to adopt a baby so she could watch it grow; she wanted to live to be an old lady.  Every night I prayed she would have a long and happy life; not long before she died, she plaintively pleaded with me that she did not have a short and sad one.  But at that point, there was nothing I — or any of us — could do. 

“There is something you can do…”

Please read Katherine’s Twenty-First Birthday by Jean-Marie Kauth

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