Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kill the teachers’ pensions or the State will bleed to death? Propaganda 101 by Ken Previti

“The assault on active and retired teachers extends to threatening them all. No joke. No satire. Pure threat via lies and propaganda in a major media outlet.

“Teachers in all of Illinois are threatened today with this article and topic, purportedly about electing the next governor and the tough decision about taking money from greedy teachers for the good of the state.

“No pension reform? Then no funding increase.” Great title, if you believe illogical logic.

“The humble reporter for the Sun-Times article is merely trying to satisfy his boss. ‘My editor is a grumpy sort who doesn’t want me to speculate in print about how each [gubernatorial] candidate would answer such a question, at least not with imagined quotes.’

“Who is this humble reporter? The very wealthy [way beyond affluent] member of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange and a recent President of the Commercial Club of Chicago as well as a Director of Aon Corporation, a British multinational corporation.

“Eden Martin, humble reporter, is actually R. Eden Martin, super-wealthy multinational corporate investor and propagandist.

“Beware. After saying he is not to speculate in print about how candidates would answer, he proceeds to speculate in print how candidates would answer…”

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