Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More work still needs to be done about President Obama's education reform

President Obama needs to understand

Ø  The folly of discriminatory charter schools that operate for profit;

Ø  The folly of using public money for privatization;

Ø  The folly of “for-profit” cyber schools;

Ø  The folly of value-added modeling used to measure student learning and for teacher evaluation, and the folly of merit pay and competition;
Ø  The folly of ignoring why students fail;

Ø  The folly of devaluing public school teachers' and retirees' rights and benefits;

Ø  The folly of out-of-state money that influences another state’s local school issues and determines educational policies;

Ø  The folly of hedge-fund billionaires and their officiousness, the corporate entrepreneurs/school “reformers” such as Bill Gates, Eli Broad, Alice Walton, Joel Klein, Betsy DeVos, Jeff Bezos, Paul Allen, Tony Bennett, David Coleman, and Michelle Rhee…;

Ø  The folly of wealthy factions, such as ALEC, Stand for Children, Students First, American Federation for Children, National Alliance for Charter Schools, New Teacher Project, Teach for America and their ilk;

Ø  The folly of No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, and Common Core Standards…


Besides pressuring President Obama to re-examine his education reform, I would like Diane Ravitch and a few of her colleagues (perhaps Linda Darling-Hammond, Richard Rothstein or Daniel McCaffrey…) to meet with President Obama. What do you think…?

Education Reform Is Failing and Destructive Across the Nation:


  1. The folly of ignoring the social contract of public worker pensions and abandoning the teachers and other public employee retirees who chose delayed earned compensation in exchange for lower wages that served the interests of their school districts, etc. during their active careers.
    - Ken Previti

  2. I love the list. Although they are written from an American perspective, they apply universally.

  3. The folly of legislators making educational policy decisions without ever having taught a day in their lives.