Sunday, November 25, 2012

How about having an organized demonstration of 693,000 public employees and their family and friends?

Now that our legislators have finished carving up their turkeys and have recited prayers of thanks for their power, wealth and abundance at their dinner tables (gobble, gobble), they will be discussing how to carve up the public employees' defined-benefit pension plan during the Veto session this week and, with voracious appetites, how to pass “pension reform” during the suitably-named Lame-Duck session in January.

They will be discussing how to “legally” challenge the Illinois and U.S. Constitutions (without ethical consideration or keeping their oath of office); how to shift the state’s pension payment to school districts despite serious consequences; how to eliminate the public employees’ compounded cost-of-living adjustment, especially for current retirees; how to generate a salary cap on current teachers' earnings (shifting the costs to school districts is one sure way to make sure this will also happen); how to increase the retirement age (with the hope that public employees will die before collecting their pensions); how to increase public employees’ contributions to slowly-dying pension systems they helped create; how to pay down the pension debt that they (legislators) machinated; how to entice public employees to opt out of a guaranteed defined-benefit pension plan for a defined-contribution or self-managed savings plan that will never offer public employees a dependable lifetime income; how to continue extortive tax breaks for the wealthiest corporations that finance their campaigns; how to perpetuate lies through media; how to avoid modernizing state and local budgets and their revenue systems…
Did I leave anything out? How about having an organized demonstration of 693,000 public employees and their family and friends before the court battles begin?
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Dear Retired Public Employee

The Illinois We Are One coalition is preparing for possible days of action at the State Capitol in Springfield from Thursday, January 3 through Tuesday, January 8. More information will be [available] in the near future. Please save the dates.


  1. I'll fly in from Florida to do it.
    Let's not be silent or invisible as evil and greed seek to harm us. If we do not stand up for ourselves, no one else will.
    Ken Previti

  2. Set up the date.We need to come out in masses. Let's show them we are not going to be quiet. Push tax reform that would benefit all the citizens in Illinois. Their plan would not do anything to solve budget woes--it would only ruin the retirement of hundreds of thousands in Illinois.

  3. This is exactly what needs to happen. I would further suggest that if necessary we conduct this demonstration during the school day thereby shutting down every public school in the state.