Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What do we do best as teachers?

We inspire others. We influence and move people to action. We take a person’s potentiality and make it an actuality. We offer our help to others because of our compassion and our empathy, because of our humility and our dignity. We communicate truths because of our integrity. We never give up because of our moral responsibility towards one another and the importance of trust among individuals. We fight against all injustices. We understand; we discuss; we mediate, and we act. We do what is right and model our behavior for others. We hold ourselves accountable for what we do and what we believe is true. We set the example.

What are we as teachers? We are leaders, consultants, diagnosticians and evaluators; we are life-long learners; we are architects for the experiences of others. We are what we want to see in others: our idealism, our indomitable spirit, our commitment to human rights and to the creation of a better society. We are responsible, intrepid and just. We are one of last bastions of hope for a society driven by amoral envy and indifferent greed.

And we are appalled by hypocrisy and lies, by incompetence, irresponsibility and cronyism. We are appalled by intentional faulty logic and the unethical scapegoating of others, by arrogance and self-interest, by prejudice and the injustices done to others. We are appalled by indifference because “indifference is not a response”; therefore, we unite and fight the injustice being perpetrated against ourselves and others.

-Glen Brown

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  1. Yes, I know your blog is true. The truth and what is true don't always meet as one. What is true today might not be the truth tomorrow. The truth is - we are not valued otherwise we would be treated differently, paid more, respected highly, and we would be making more of the financial decisions or at least have our voices heard. I challenge all the law makers; congressman, senators, representative, governors, and judges, to come to the school as substitute teachers for one month at a public school. I love my students. I have many who have very little, live with two or three other families, need shoes, clothes, and a safe environment. Public schools are stigmatized as badly as people with disabilities, the homeless, etc. Thank you for your beautiful post on what teachers do best! We truly embrace our school communities with love and compassion. I never give up. Can I trust there are people making great decisions for our public schools nationally. One more point being: Washington, DC public school districts are rated in what category of Top Schools?
    Robin Ruiz