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12 Poets I Have Read Over and Over Again

 From My Library

Stephen Dunn was the author of 21 books of poetry: Looking for Holes in the Ceiling, University of Massachusetts Press, 1974; Full of Lust and Good Usage, Carnegie-Mellon University Press, 1976; A Circus of Needs, Carnegie-Mellon University Press, 1978; Work and Love, Carnegie-Mellon University Press, 1981; Not Dancing, Carnegie-Mellon University Press, 1984; Local Time, Quill/Morrow, 1986; Between Angels, Norton, 1989; Landscape at the End of the Century, Norton, 1991; New and Selected Poems: 1974-1994, Norton, 1994; Loosestrife, Norton, 1996; Different Hours, Norton, 2000: Winner of the Pulitzer Prize; Local Visitations, Norton, 2003; The Insistence of Beauty, Norton, 2004; Everything Else in the World, Norton, 2006; What Goes On: Selected and New Poems 1995-2009, Norton, 2009; Here and Now, Norton, 2011; Lines of Defense, Norton, 2014; Keeper of Limits, Sarabande 2015; Whereas, Norton 2016; Pagan Virtues, Norton 2019; (posthumously): The Not Yet Fallen World, Norton 2022.

Stephen Dunn (June 24, 1939 - June 24, 2021)

Tony Hoagland was the author of seven books of poetry: Sweet Ruin (1992), Donkey Gospel (1998), What Narcissism Means to Me (2003), Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty (2010), Application for Release from the Dream (2015), Recent Changes in the Vernacular (2017) and Priest Turned Therapist Treats Fear of God (2018). He also published a collection of essays about poetry, Real Sofistakashun (2006) and Twenty Poems that Could Save America and Other Essays (2014). 

Tony Hoagland (November 19, 1953 - October 23, 2018)


Len Roberts was the author of nine books of poetry: Cohoes Theater, Momentum Press, 1980; From the Dark, SUNY Press, 1984; Sweet Ones, Milkweed Editions, 1988; Black Wings, Persea, 1989; Dangerous Angels, Copper Beech Press, 1993; Counting the Black Angels, University of Illinois Press, 1994; The Trouble-Making Finch, University of Illinois Press, 1998; The Silent Singer: New and Selected Poems, University of Illinois Press, 2001; The Disappearing Trick, University of Illinois Press, 2007; Translations: The Selected Poems of Sándor Csoóri, Copper Canyon Press, 1992; Before and After the Fall: New Poems by Sándor Csoóri, BOA Editions, Ltd., 2004…

Len Roberts (March 13, 1947 - May 25, 2007)

John Dickson was the author of four books of poetry: Victoria Hotel, Chicago Review Press, 1979; Waving at Trains, Thorntree Press, 1986; The Music of Solid Objects, Thorntree Press, 1997; Lake Michigan Scrolls, The Puddin'head Press, 2002. 

John Dickson (July 10, 1916 – July 26, 2009)

Lisel Mueller was the author of 10 books of poetry. Among them are Dependencies, Louisiana State University 1965; The Private Life, Louisiana State University 1975; The Need to Hold Still, Louisiana State University 1980; Second Language, Louisiana State University 1986; Waving from Shore, Louisiana State University 1989; Alive Together, Louisiana State University 1996. 

Lisel Mueller (February 8, 1924 - February 21, 2020)

William Greenway has published several books of poetry. Among them are Pressure Under Grace, Breitenbush Books, 1982; Where We've Been, Breitenbush Books, 1987; How the Dead Bury the Dead, University of Akron Press, 1994; Simmer Dim, University of Akron Press, 1999; Ascending Order, University of Akron Press, 2003; Fishing at the End of the World, Word Press, 2005; Everywhere at Once, University of Akron Press, 2008; Selected Poems, Future Cycle Press, 2014. 


Gregory Djanikian is the author of seven books of Poetry: The Man in the Middle, Carnegie Mellon, 1984; Falling Deeply into America, Carnegie Mellon, 1989; About Distance, Carnegie Mellon, 1995; Years Later, Carnegie Mellon, 2000; So I Will Till the Ground, Carnegie Mellon, 2007; Dear Gravity, Carnegie Mellon, 2014; Sojourners of the In-Between, Carnegie Mellon, 2020.


Michael Collier is the author of eight books of poetry: The Clasp and other poems, Wesleyan, 1986; The Folder Heart, Wesleyan, 1989; The Neighbor, University of Chicago Press, 1995; The Ledge, Houghton-Mifflin, 2000; Dark Wild Realm, Houghton-Mifflin, 2006; An Individual History, W.W. Norton, 2012; My Bishop and Other Poems, University of Chicago Press, 2018; The Missing Mountain, University of Chicago Press, 2021


Billy Collins is the author of 14 books of poetry: Pokerface, Kenmore Press, 1977; Video Poems, Applezaba, 1980; The Apple That Astonished Paris, University of Arkansas, 1988; Questions About Angels, University of Arkansas, 1991; The Art of Drowning, University of Pittsburgh, 1995; Picnic, Lightning, University of Pittsburgh, 1998; Sailing Alone Around the Room: New and Selected Poems, Random House, 2001; Nine Horses, Random House, 2002; The Trouble with Poetry, Random House, 2005; Ballistics: Poems, Random House, 2008; Horoscopes for the Dead: Poems, Random House, 2012; Aimless Love: New and Selected Poems, Random House, 2013; The Rain in Portugal, Random House, 2016; Whale Day and Other Poems, Random House, 2020.


Linda Pastan is the author of 14 books of poetry: A Perfect Circle of Sun, Swallow Press, 1971; Aspects of Eve, Liveright, 1975; The Five Stages of Grief, W.W. Norton, 1978; Waiting for My Life, W.W. Norton, 1981; PM/AM: New and Selected Poems, W.W. Norton, 1982; The Imperfect Paradise, W.W. Norton, 1988; Heroes In Disguise, W.W. Norton, 1991; An Early Afterlife, W.W. Norton, 1995; Carnival Evening: New and Selected Poems 1968-1998, W.W. Norton, 1998; The Last Uncle, W.W. Norton, 2002; Queen of a Rainy Country, W.W. Norton, 2006; Traveling Light, W.W. Norton, 2011; Insomnia: Poems, W.W. Norton, 2015; A Dog Runs Through It, W.W. Norton, 2018.


Peter Meinke has published several books of poetry. Among them are The Night Train and the Golden Bird, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1977; Trying to Surprise God, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1981; Night Watch on the Chesapeake, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1987; Liquid Paper: New & Selected Poems, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1991; Scars, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1996; Zinc Fingers, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2000; Maples and Orange Trees, Znak Press, 2005; The Contracted World: New and More Selected Poems, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2006; Lines from Neuchatel, University of Tampa Press, 2009; Lucky Bones, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014; The Expert Witness: New and Selected Poems, University of Tampa Press, 2016.

Ted Kooser has published several books of poetry. Among them are Red Stilts, Copper Canyon Press, 2020; Kindest Regards, New and Selected Poems, Copper Canyon Press, 2018; Splitting an Order, Copper Canyon Press, 2014; Valentines, University of Nebraska Press, 2008; Flying at Night: Poems 1965-1985, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2005; Delights and Shadows: Poems, Copper Canyon Press, 2004; Braided Creek: A Conversation in Poetry, Copper Canyon Press, 2003; Winter Morning Walks: 100 Postcards to Jim Harrison, Carnegie-Mellon University Press, 2001; Weather Central, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1994; The Blizzard Voices, Bieler, 1986; One World at a Time, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1985; Cottonwood County, Windflower, 1980; Sure Signs: New and Selected Poems, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1980; Old Marriage and New: Poems, Cold Mountain Press, 1978; Not Coming to Be Barked At, Pentagram Press, 1976; A Local Habitation and a Name, Solo Press, 1974; Twenty Poems, Best Cellar Press, 1973; Grass County, Windflower, 1971; Official Entry Blank, University of Nebraska Press, 1969.

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A few treasured photographs when I taught poetry at Lyons Township High School:


  1. What a wonderful list, Glenn! Thank you!

  2. When I was in High School you helped me to understand the coolness and emotional power of poetry. Thank you for planting that seed.

    Al Rago
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