Monday, December 10, 2018

Kids Can Create Their Own Religion With This New Secular Children’s Book by David Gee

“…The Book of Religions, which was co-authored and illustrated… by artist Chuck Harrison [and David G. Mcafee], is the third book in the ‘Belief’ series started several years ago…

“In The Book of Religions, kids [are taken] on a trip around the world to learn about what makes a system a ‘religion.’ [They are taught about] the basics of each tradition and how they were created.

What are religions and why do people follow them? Where did they come from and how have they shaped our lives?... The fully illustrated and interactive The Book of Religions is for readers and thinkers of all ages, including kids and kids at heart.

“In addition to being written by non-believers and including lessons on some of the lesser-known faiths, [the authors] also included Pastafarianism* and the Flying Spaghetti Monster alongside other mainstream religious concepts…

“Pastafarianism is a made-up religion about the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and the number one rule is that the FSM does not existThis book, like the two prequels, is written at a basic level that even young children can understand…”

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