Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"Mélancolie" Created by Albert György

“Albert György was born in 1949 in Lueta, Romania (Transylvania, a region with a Hungarian minority). The sculptor's career is marked by a double human and artistic adventure, which has always been a sort of tension between contrary aspirations...

“He creates his own foundry to obtain the best bronze quality. But despite his travels abroad for his exhibitions in Warsaw, Berlin, ex-Yugoslavia, Chile, he lives in isolation [and] sadness [when his first wife died]…

“Albert György's work illustrates the tension between character and emotion. Nothing is acquired; nothing comes automatically. Creation is a struggle, both material and spiritual. If today his works reflect a new impetus, they remain marked by a pathetic temperament, [and] by a fiery sensitivity…

“In its complexity and diversity, the visionary art of Albert György testifies to a personal dialectic between suffering and happiness: nothing decorative or talkative in this game of creative tension leading to a living alloy imbued with the purest necessity” (Albert György Biography).


  1. "We may look as if we carry on with our lives as before. We may even have times of joy and happiness. Everything may seem ‘normal.’ But THIS ‘Emptiness’ is how we all feel...all the time”-John Maddox on Facebook.

  2. A Farewell by Alfred Tennyson

    Flow down, cold rivulet, to the sea,
    Thy tribute wave deliver:
    No more by thee my steps shall be,
    For ever and for ever.

    Flow, softly flow, by lawn and lea,
    A rivulet then a river:
    Nowhere by thee my steps shall be
    For ever and for ever.

    But here will sigh thine alder tree
    And here thine aspen shiver;
    And here by thee will hum the bee,
    For ever and for ever.

    A thousand suns will stream on thee,
    A thousand moons will quiver;
    But not by thee my steps shall be,
    For ever and for ever.

  3. The best ever representation of many people’s feelings after
    The Shoa ( Holocaust). Deeply impressive!