Sunday, May 20, 2018

“We Should Not Have This in Common” by John Dillon

“…Number 45 promises that this will and must stop, but other than finding a moment to make it all about himself (Remember Parkland: ‘I think I would have run in there and stopped the shooter, really, I do.’): he’ll do nothing…

“And so, we stumble along as a nation playing this pattern of horror to surprise; to thoughts and prayers; to blaming the mentally ill, students themselves, the number of doors in a school; to START OVER. 


“Scientific American produced a careful exegesis/study of what guns specifically do in our country and how such weapons alter our lives.  It’s a very worthy and sobering read. 

“Since Wayne LaPierre and Grover Norquist and the K Street lobbyists have fallen like a hard rain on Washington’s willing swamp-dwellers, the numbers of Gun related deaths from increased ownership of guns have not changed in many ways – EXCEPT ONE…”

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  1. Our system is bought and manipulated. Why are schools being primarily shoot up? Why not hospitals, nursing homes, park district classes?Why only in the last 20+yrs? You thought high school was hell 30 yrs. ago, think what it must be now! Things to ponder.