Friday, July 4, 2014

Do you want a new hobby you could lobby?

Protesting the Hobby Lobby Decision by Robin Marty

“…Protesting and boycotting the stores themselves (yes, even religious folk). It seems difficult for many to grasp, but those who are opposing the birth control mandate aren’t all religious people or, frankly, even most religious people. Or even more ‘pro-life’ people. As activist Lauren Rankin pointed out on Twitter, ‘So we’re clear: If 99% of U.S. women have used birth control but 99% don’t ID as pro-choice, many PRO-LIFE WOMEN USE BIRTH CONTROL.’ 

“So boycotting or protesting is for everyone, not just the secular. ‘There are many of us Baptists, as well as other Christians, who believe that religious liberty rights are something inviolable for individuals and not for corporations,’ said Dr. Bruce Powell of Faithful America, who organized a protest at Hobby Lobby headquarters in response to the ruling. ‘There are a lot of Christians and denominations that are opposed to what the Supreme Court has done.’

Lets see some paid parental leave. One of the best responses so far to the Hobby Lobby decision is a demand that the corporation put its money where its mouth is. If the company really wants to ensure that they are anti-abortion in every way (even non-existent ones, like refusing to offer birth control which actually prevents pregnancy), then it needs to go whole hog when it comes to supporting their employees who are going to raise families. 

“‘Now you should provide the most fantastic, bang-up, paid and protected parental leave in the United States,’ writes the Washington Post’s Petula Dvorak. ‘Think about it. Your craft stores can become American corporate pioneers, showcasing your Christian values by giving your more than 13,000 employees paid time off when they have children.’ I think about 3 months paid for each employee, male or female, should do it.

“Still upset? There are a number of things you can do now to show your anger. Contact your officials and be sure they know that you want Congress to address this ruling and find a way to ensure contraception is still covered regardless of the ‘moral’ pining of your boss... The Senate could be deciding about birth control access next, and with this year’s election, you control who is in those seats making those decisions.”

from 4 Good (and Not So Good) Ways to Protest the Hobby Lobby Decision


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