Friday, September 27, 2013

The Illinois State Constitution: Commitments and Violations

A Commitment to Uphold the Illinois State Constitution:

"Cook County Circuit Court Judge Neil Cohen ruled that Quinn's action violated the state constitution. The judge ordered Illinois' comptroller to pay legislators' salaries along with interest on the two months of pay they missed" (Reuters, September 26).

A Commitment to Violate the Illinois State Constitution:

“Now that the governor’s actions have been answered by a court, I trust that we can put aside all distractions and focus on the goal of pension reform,” Senate President John Cullerton said. “Pension reform remains our top priority.”

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  1. I was hoping someone would point out the hypocrisy in senator Cullerton's statement yesterday. Any state employee/retiree who doesn't read Cullerton as saying the constitution is a sacred document when it comes to his wallet but not theirs is not paying attention. Hopefully the courts will be able to stop whatever diminishments they finally decide on forcing upon us.

  2. Yes, the hypocrisy of the Madigan/Cullerton letter is very transparent, but I see this recent court decision as a positive development for retirees. If the court upheld the legislators' constitutional right to receive their pay, then why should we expect the court to do anything differently when it comes to our constitutional protection claim regarding any potential diminishment of our pension? I see this decision as a positive although it was not a ruling by the IL Supreme Court, which is where our case would likely end up. And those justices are elected...and they may be Democrats...and they may be beholden to Madigan...

  3. Let's hope the judges unlike Madigan, Cullerton, Nekritiz , and others will take their oath to defend the US and Illinois Constitutions seriously, and will bring some much needed integrity to Illinois Government.

    This state is so politically corrupt, It has reached a point where many of our elected officials from both political parties think that they are above the US and Illinois Constitutions , and think they have the right to support only the segments of these Constitutions that meets their political needs