Monday, August 13, 2012

We Are One Illinois Coalition offers framework to solve pension crisis [a "crisis" that was not created by public employees and other taxpayers]

...[The] coalition's framework for resolving the state pension crisis: it will read in part:

 The following must be in any plan going forward:

1.      A guarantee that the state will pay its portion as required. That hasn't happened for decades, as legislatures have diverted money to other programs.

Please read "Amending Pension Retirement Rights through 'Consideration'":

2.      A true look at revenue by closing loopholes for big corporations that hurt taxpayers of Illinois. Many loopholes exist, and closing a few would generate money to help pay down the pension debt.

To reform corporate welfare, the underlying parasitic cause (lobbyists) must be addressed. Please read “Illinois or Should It Be Called Plutocraticstan?”:

3.      No inclusion of current retirees, who are living on an earned and needed pension and cannot re-enter the job market.

Please read “Illinois Pension Reform… Is Without Legal and Moral Justification”:

4.      With a guarantee that the state would pay its portion, the members who are reliant on the pension systems for their retirement security, would offer to help the state by paying more even though they have contributed their portion over the years.

Please read “A Foreshadowing of Illinois Pension Reform: An Analysis”:

On August 16, The Illinois Education Association omitted bullet #4 from the We Are One Illinois Coalition's "Fight Back: Your Pension Is at Risk" in the Call to Action communique. According to the IEA, bullet #4 is still part of the"framework."

The IEA urges you to talk with your legislators.
Use the We Are One Illinois labor coalition hotline at:

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