Monday, November 5, 2018


Let us define what we mean by “his [dangerous] chaos”: his malignant narcissism, his moral relativism, his white nationalism, his perfidious nationalism, his hateful racism, his infectious nihilism, his outrageous iconoclasm, his ruthless competition, his constitutional ignorance, his puerile dereliction, his embarrassing idiocy, his provocative transgressions, his mocking disrespect, his impetuous vulgarity, his belligerent bullying, his pathological lying, his obsessive vindictiveness, his hypocritical cowardice, his compulsive xenophobia, his callous misogyny, his lawless demagoguery, his insufferable bigotry, his disgusting buffoonery, his droning voice, his repulsive face… 


  1. I recall seeing David Axelrod over a year ago on one of the cable news panels and he said at that time "I don't think the country can take much more of this"referring to our first exposure to trump and his insane antics.
    A year later aren't we all worn down to a nubbin? He is a vile monster and I only hope tomorrow night we will begin to see the end of him.

  2. Love It! Thanks, Glen! Good things are about to happen!

  3. His brilliantly enacted con-man-mania
    His distractions via created and actual crises
    His TV Reality Show characterization of an actual president
    His sincere distortions of alternative facts
    His mere disdain of men, women and children in need
    His total indifference to the suffering of others
    His inhumane behavior to the humane
    His ability to fool some of the people all if the time
    His recipe for the Kool Aid voraciously consumed by his true believers
    His willingness to see the world destroyed rather than lose face
    His total awareness and glee in harming others for fun and profit