Monday, December 14, 2015

No end to the liars and thieves in this world: Pay Enough Money to Them and They Will Deny Climate Change Too

“As the debate over the existence of climate change shifted from ‘We don’t know,’ to ‘Okay, most of the science says it exists, but we gotta hear both sides,’ nobody has been more important to the fragile climate denialism side than scientists like Wei-Hock Soon. As data massed in support of man-made climate change, the work of Soon, a Harvard-Smithsonian Center astrophysicist, was coveted by oil companies because he offered alternative explanations that seemingly absolved the energy sector of any wrong doing…

“According to newly released documents obtained by Greenpeace, Soon’s ‘research’ was less about truth seeking and more a pay-by-the-data-point mercenary number of jobs that were, for all intents-and-purposes, commissioned by the oil industry to keep the debate over the existence of climate change intentionally muddy. The parties didn’t even try to hide it…

“To break it down, Exxon Mobil paid Soon $335,000 for his ‘work,’ American Petroleum Institute chipped in $274,000, and our friends, the Koch brothers, gave him another $230,000. The idea that these groups paid Soon out of a dispassionate love for objective science is laughable. The Koch brothers don’t even want to give their employees health insurance, so thinking they’d give a quarter of a million dollars to a scientist without any obvious benefit to themselves is delusional. Soon was ‘hired’ to get the results that would benefit oil and gas companies, plain and simple…”

For the complete article by Jameson Parker, “Climate Denialism’s Star Scientist Exposed, Paid $1.2M by Oil Companies to Deliver Friendly Results,” Click Here.

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