Monday, June 1, 2015

Bruce Rauner and Michael Madigan

Rauner and Madigan are not moved by legal or moral considerations. They have no concern for the well-being of the middle class and the unfair burdens of impoverished people; they have no concern with protecting the rights and benefits of public employees and retirees; they have no concern about the requirements of reason and the laws of morality.

They do not care about moral actions. They do not care about breaking contracts. They do not care about obligations to others – about the fair distribution of the tax burden, about constitutional guarantees, about demanding more of others than they are willing to demand of themselves and their wealthy abettors.

They have no empathy and altruism. They are not concerned with promoting the well-being of others. They lack the capacity to sympathize. They are isolated in their elitist class. They have no connections to the middle class or the poor. They demand sacrifices of the middle class and impoverished people and not of themselves.

They do not view their conduct from a standpoint of values and interests of those they hurt. They view masses of people as a means to their own political ends. They do not live up to their agreements or the established rules of justice. They are motivated solely by power, wealth and greed. Make no mistake, neither one of these egocentric politicians can be trusted.


  1. I couldn't agree more. It's time that "we the people" turn off the game and take back our country from the wealthy 1% like Rauner and his cronies. There is only one reason why a wealthy businessman would spend millions to buy the governors office.

  2. In fourth grade my teacher explained to the class that leaders in communists countries pretended that they were part of the communal spirit - upholders of the common good. As proof she read articles about elected officials who paid thousands of dollars for a position that paid hundreds of dollars. "This is obvious corruption, or how could they afford to live?"
    Basically, it made sense.
    "They make laws that benefit an inner circle while the average person suffers and does without. That is wrong."
    This was simple logic at its best. Powerful stuff.
    We all believed that the average person did the best he or she could and would be treated well in return. Plumber, scientist, college professor, truck driver - they all did the best they could and would live decent lives.
    As I grew older, the lessons became much more complex, but the basic values remained as typically American.
    Rauner and Madigan are inhumane. They are uncivilized and dangerous.
    We need to do all we can, each in our own way and to the best of our abilities, to topple their power structures which are truly immoral. Until they lose power, we are Americans in name only.

  3. We need informed voters; we need an end to gerrymandering; we need to overturn Citizens United and election reform; we need an end to fear and hatred voting over voting in one's best interest; we need an end to control of our electins by big money; and we need smart voters to get off their duffs and vote. After all, Madigan and Rauner, and those their ilk were elected by people who just don't get it. We will all suffer for it.