Monday, July 15, 2013

At Fred Klonsky's Request: A Pension Song with David Madsen and Friends

Please Don’t Steal My Teacher’s Pension by Glen Brown
(an emulation of John Prine’s “Please Don’t Bury Me”)

G                                  C
Woke up this mornin’, wrote another essay   
G                            D
about sustainability
                                           G                          C
And that unfunded liability, of our State’s pensions
                  G                          D                                     G
And that Committee of Chicago, and their greed

         C                                                       G
So please don’t steal my pension, and make me feel blue
I don’t want to work as a greeter, and meet ‘em ‘til I’m through
       G                                                        C                          G
So lower that fundin’ ratio; make the State pay debtors too;
                C                    G                                  D                       G
Tax the rich and the corporate, and the pensions will accrue

G                                                       C                      G
Don’t be duped by promises, legislators will not keep
G                                                     D
Defined-contribution plans are savings that will seep
G                                                              C                         G
There’s a six-trillion-dollar deficit, for holders of such heap
     C                             G                              D                    G
A defined-benefit pension plan, is the only way to reap

(Repeat Chorus)

G                                              C             G
Let’s send our legislators, to Afghanistan
G                                                                D
Let’s hope that their replacements will do what they can’t
G                                        C                        G
I met a rep or two, that didn’t understand
        C                  G                                D                    G
So I left her my research; without any cash in hand

(Repeat Chorus)

G                                                       C                G
Let’s generate more revenue, as fast as we can
G                                                     D
A graduated income tax is the answer and best plan
G                                                   C                        G
Let’s redesign the legislators’, lack of attention span
C                      G                       D                            G
Fire all their actuaries, and House’s Confidence Man.

(Repeat Chorus)

G                                                C                    G
I’m singin’ you this song, and I’m about to sigh
G                                                             D
‘cause Illinois pension reform, will likely be disguised
G                                                                 C                               G
We must stand together, against the wealthy and their bids
C                                      G          D                           G
Because-all-parents-need us; so do all of their kids

(Repeat Chorus)

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