Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Pal Fred Klonsky says, “Get on the bus, Gus! Springfield: January 3rd and 4th”

Word is slowly getting out regarding plans to stop the attack on public employee pensions by those in the state legislature who call themselves political leaders.

I am told that each IEA Region will have buses available for active and retired teachers to go to Springfield January 3rd and 4th during the lame duck session.

It is in the lame duck session, when many legislators will be voting but not returning to the new General Assembly later in the month, that there is the expectation of an anti-pension bill emerging.

You have nothing better to do. No. You really don’t. Take a sick day. Take a personal day. Many active teachers will still be on Winter Break.

Retirees? C’mon. Get on the bus, Gus!
Contact your local IEA Region office.

from Fred Klonsky's Blog:

This is not an option:

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