Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Iceman Cometh No More

He was snatched from death [in 1991] completely outfitted
with the implements of everyday existence 5300 years ago…
except for penis and scrotum...        

--from a news story

Had the sloe berry and mushroom eater
arisen from his carved stillness
amid an ejaculation of protests
over custody rights in a room too bright to focus,

he may have groped for his lucky charm
to uncast the spell;
he might have known what to barter:
copper ax and rucksack for tissue and pouch.

But curiosity erected a jackhammer’s sadness,
a refrigerator’s hum,
and a table souvenir like a displaced part of desire
found at the edge of a melting glacier—
the leather quiver without an arrow.

“The Iceman...” was originally published by Thorntree Press in Troika IV.

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