Friday, February 1, 2019

Retirees and Current Teachers: If You Are Not a Member of the Illinois Retired Teachers Association, You Should Be

“...[T]oday is the day that TRS deposits our next pension payment. More importantly, this February pension payment is the first one of 2019 to include our annual 3% raise, if you’re over the age of 60, of course.

“Speaking on behalf of the IRTA, I’d like to remind you that it was the leadership of this organization that saved your yearly 3% cola when the state legislature voted to restrict it several years ago. It was the IRTA lawsuit in the case, Heaton vs. Quinn that ultimately guaranteed our retirement benefits. 

“Without the efforts of the IRTA we would be poorer and our futures less assured. So, as a reminder, if you haven’t yet paid your 2019 IRTA annual dues, now is a great time to do so. With that in mind, remember that you can save $10.00 a year by switching over to dues deduct by going to the new and improved IRTA website.   

“And when you run into retired school colleagues [and current teachers], ask them to join the IRTA, if they haven’t done already. After all, we belong to the only state-wide organization solely dedicated to protecting the retirement benefits promised to us by the state…”

Thank you for your membership.

Mike Schmidt,
IRTA Membership Committee, Chair

Joining or Renewing IRTA Membership is Easy. Just click here on your phone, tablet or computer! 


To all current teachers, 

We are smart enough to know that the attacks on our pensions will never end. The IRTA is also protecting your future retirement pension! Please join too. Thank you.

-Glen Brown

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  1. It was the IRTA that hired the law firm of Tabet, DiVito & Rothstein on behalf of the plaintiffs named from the IRTA and IASA. This law firm was the first defense against the liars and thieves of the Illinois General Assembly in December 2013--g. brown.